This site provides learning resources and internet links that support student activities in the booklet ‘Desalination in Australia – Environmental impacts and Urban Water Issues’.  Resources include electronic files (pdfs) and video clips (Flash). You will be prompted to download the reader and player if you do not have them installed.

The Booklet has three sections and twelve topics. An electronic version is included when you buy Out of the Blue Teachers Kit.

The first three topics take a global approach, introducing the technology and the expansion into Australia. The following five topics analyse a case study – the Victorian Desalination Plant. The final four topics consider the conflicts of interest that underlie the conflicts about the plant, implementation processes and the changes in land use. Most of the twelve topics have extension resources and links on this site. The topics are:

Topic 1

About Desalination

Topic 2

The Expanding use of Desalination

Topic 3

Desalination in Australia

Topic 4

Traditional and Current Land Uses

Topic 5

The Pipeline

Topic 6

The Power line

Topic 7

The Desalination Plant

Topic 8

Marine structures and discharge

Topic 9


Topic 10

Conflicts Arising

Topic 11

Processing Differences

Topic 12

Measuring Sustainability